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May. 31st, 2011

Ok so me and this girl are going to a show friday night at the landmark and want to get drinks afterwards. the show should end around 10:30. Are there any places in downtown richmond or VCU campus where we can go to sit down for a couple of drinks afterwards that stays open until 1 or later? I don't want to go to a dancing club, I just want a place where we can sit down and order some drinks. I know of capital ale house and kobe. any other place I'm missing?


Does anyone have recommendations for an HVAC contractor?  My A/C needs some loving from a professional.

New Alt Fitness Studio in Richmond.

So, anyone who already knows about Studio X and Diva Fit might also be interested in this:

A new alternative fitness studio has opened in Richmond. The prices are very competitive. Its called Little Secret Fitness.


No. Its not stripper training. I know how hard it can be to disassociate the pole from the club. They are not synonymous. The goal is to actually give you a work out apart from monotonous weight lifting at the Y.

But yes, strippers work their asses off on stage and THAT, my friends, is a quality to envy.

Take a look. Take a class. I teach Pole 1 and Pole Conditioning, but if youre not into pole type things, there are other classes available. The schedule thats on the website is in the process of being updated. If you have any questions, please comment below.

xposted for maximum coverage.

Gym memberships

Where do you go to the gym and how much do you pay per month?

More importantly, would you recommend it to others?

things for sale

i'm moving! so...things! lemme know if you wanna buy this stuff.

6th generation 80gb silver ipod classic i'm selling for $175

(used ones are still over $180 w/o shipping [which is like...$15] on google checkout to well over $200. come onnn.)


sega gamegear (the sound acts funny though. it's from the early 90s, so this is expected) for $25


games are $3 each:

sonic the hedgehog 2
pac man
outrun europa
jeopardy: sports edition
world series baseball
nba jam

The camera is a Minolta X-370 ($160...goes for $225+ online) with a 50 mm Kalimar Automatic Lens w/ 52 mm Hoya UV filter ($30) and a MC Minolta Celtic 1:3.5 f=28mm lens ($20). I'm throwing a bag and a roll of film with this for $8.

I'm looking for a restaurant or coffee shop in RVA that has free wi-fi, and that stays open late (until at least midnight). I do a little bit of work from home, and I like to find a place that wouldn't mind if I hung out for a few hours and did work (while enjoying a drink and an appetizer).

Thanks in advance. :)


 Does anyone know if there's a bakery around here that sells paska?  For informational purposes, it's a Hungarian bread traditionally served at Easter.  

I'm crap at baking and cooking but I need to get my paska fix!

new consignment store in carytown?

Does anyone know the name of the new consignment store in Carytown, next door/underneath Xtras? Is it open for business yet?

Parkside restaurant

Hello! Fellow "foodie" here and I tried the new Parkside restaurant last night in Richmond's south side. It's located at the Semmes Avenue and Forest Hill Avenue split, next to Crossroads. The side street is Carson Rd. I was not impressed and I'll tell you why.

They opened two and a half weeks ago. There's a cute (read: cramped) parking lot outside, that anyone with a vehicle larger than my Yaris would have a hard time using. I did appreciate the off-street parking though; it's getting harder and harder to find, even if you have to multi-point to park.

The inside is renovated and beautiful. It has a homey/rustic look, with a touch of modern city. Like lumberjack meets Ikea. We were seated next to a large window, which was awesome. The tables are made out of something like old, wooden, window decorations! Very cool. The seats were very uncomfortable though. My bench seat was shallow and my dates' chair had a hard, circular seat that made his tailbone sore.

Our waiter seemed terrified. He also seemed like it was his first day and his arms were in invisible slings. He was really awkward. I felt bad for him.

They automatically gave us water but I ordered Thai iced tea that was delicious! I also ordered an appetizer, consisting of granny apple slices, green grapes, tiny pickles and baked Virginia cheddar cheese. The tips of the baked cheese squares were burned, but we ignored that.

The appetizer was delicious! The apples were fresh and sweet, the pickles had a unique flavor, the grapes were appropriately sour and the baked Virginia cheddar cheese was very tasty, despite the burned corners.

Our entrees took an hour to arrive. An hour!

I had the vegetarian lasagna, and the top was so badly burned, that I couldn't cut it with a knife and fork. The only reason I didn't return it to the kitchen was because I was very hungry and didn't have another hour to wait. I pried it apart and ate everything below the mostly blackened top crust. I think the lasagna sat in the oven the entire hour it took for us to wait for our meals. On the plus side, my lasagna was huge. If it hadn't been half burned black, I would have had leftovers.

My date had the pulled pork, which he thoroughly enjoyed, but his serving was quite small. Nothing else was on the plate, either (no veg side, for instance). If he had been hungrier, I'm sure he would have been upset about the small portion.

We opted to not get dessert, since we'd spend an hour and a half in the restaurant at that point. The restaurant is located directly next to a Crossroads Coffee and ice cream shop and if I hadn't been tired and grumpy, I would have stopped by for dessert.

Maybe Parkside will tighten up and improve everything. I was disappointed but mainly because the restaurant was recommended to me. Maybe the friend who recommended it ate there on a good night. If I try them again, it'll be long from now.


Hey y'all,

Can anyone recommend a good luthier (guitar repairperson)? My roommate's cat broke the headstock off my Les Paul, and, while I am moderately confident that I could fix it myself, I'd rather have it professionally done.

Does Guitar Works have one? I've heard mixed things about them in general.