Potential streetlight outage tonight

I haven't been able to get good confirmation of this (ie, their blog), but I just got an email indirectly from Richmond Department of Public Utilities that says that some streetlights may be out tonight for a few hours. Here's the text:
Following an automobile accident involving a light pole, Dominion Virginia Power discovered a serious repair problem at the Church Hill substation.

As a result, the city’s Department of Public Utilities is not expecting the streetlights in Church Hill, Downtown, The Fan, Fulton Bottom, Shockoe Bottom, Mosby Court, or Whitcomb Court – approximately 5,500 lights – to come on at dusk this evening and it is unknown at this time how long it will be before Dominion can perform repairs.

The City of Richmond is advising caution during this evening’s commute home, especially for pedestrians. Traffic lights are not impacted, but visibility will be affected. If you reside in an impacted neighborhood, please keep your porch lights on this evening. Residents who need to go out to walk pets or otherwise need to travel by foot or bicycle, are advised to travel in groups, wear reflective, light-colored clothing and carry a flashlight.

The Richmond Police are aware of the situation and will be diligent in patrolling affected areas this evening.

The RichmondVa Department of Public Utilities twitter feed makes several references to it; the last reference says that the lights may be back on between 6 and 7pm.
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For Lasik; Virginia Eye Institute or TLC?

Hello, all! I went to my free consultation at TLC and scheduled my Lasik surgery for April, but it occurred to me today that Virginia Eye Institute does the same procedure and possibly for less dollars. See, I'm a college student and while I had some money set aside for the Lasik surgery, I do not have enough set aside for the very high price that TLC gave me.

Here's what I'm looking for from you lovely Richmonders who love to help: Have you had Lasik done or know anyone who has? Where did they go? Tell me your experiences, good and bad!

Thanks! <3

Update: I have a Lipstock Lasik consultation next Monday. Wish me luck! Here's to saving some money!


Posting this to a couple of groups. I've been recently inspired to cosplay as Jace Beleren from M:tG for a con. Problem is, I don't have much sewing/crafting skill. Is there anyone in the local area who does this sort of thing, for relatively low cost? I know time and effort goes into these projects, as well as costs of materials, of course.. but I'm not wanting to pay out the nose for a costume I'll probably wear once, maybe twice.
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I have a couple of questions for you, rva. my fiancee and i are getting married on october 29th of this year, and we fell in love with libby hill park for our ceremony site. the problem is, we called parks and rec and the park is already booked for our date. we can't change the date (reception is already scheduled @ gallery 5), and according to the person we spoke to, they can only allow one wedding per day for that park.

my questions:

1. when we were originally looking, we found another couple online who got married at libby hill. they specifically mentioned that because they were keeping their event under a certain amount of time, they were told by the city that they didn't need a permit. i'm wondering if anyone here had experience with this type of loophole. our wedding is going to have under 50 people attending and we are planning to have a pretty short ceremony- probably no longer than 30 minutes. we wouldn't be bringing in chairs or anything, just a few decorations. and, because we are same-sex, technically it isn't even a legal wedding. do we still need a permit? the person we spoke to on the phone was not very helpful with this issue.

2. can you think of any other public park type areas in the city that have an area similar tothis? what we specifically love is the built in seating (stone benches surrounding the fountain), the view, and the easy access from the street. oh, and the price- permit for a wedding in a park is $100.

of course, ideally i would love to talk to the couple that has already booked the park, because the last thing we'd want to do is show up there with no permit and get in the way of their celebration. but if they only planned on being there from, for example, 2-4, we could schedule for 5pm and never even see each other. so if you happen to know someone who is getting married october 29th at libby hill park, please pass my info along ;)
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someone at work told me that one can get a tattoo with pet ashes mixed in with the ink. will any parlour do this, or is it not that common? does any place around here do that?