dmyacct (dmyacct) wrote in rva,

Bikes and the GRTC

I will be getting a bicycle soon and I am exploring my options for riding it to and from work. It's about a 3 mile commute, which shouldn't be too bad, except that I haven't actually ridden a bike in years. So, to begin with I may experiment with biking part of the way and busing part of the way.

Has anyone here taken their bike on the GRTC? I know they have bike racks on the front, but I want personal experiences.

Is it a hassle to deal with?
Do the drivers and passengers glare at you for the time it takes to get the bike on and off the rack?
Is the rack ever too full to put your bike on? What do you do then?

Thanks for all your help!
Tags: bikes, travel

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